Prince Henry

Private Suites & Gardens, Vondelpark,  Amsterdam


Petra van Niftrik has been in the hospitality business as a chef and organizer for over 30 years, starting out as the first real 'Traiteur' in the Netherlands in 1980. At that time a shop where you could buy professionally made fresh food on the premises was completely new. It was, of course, familiar to everybody who spent time in France.

The 'Traiteur' grew into a catering company with as its specialty gourmet dinners at places like 'De Oude Kerk' or 'De Duif' (See An English translation of the web site is in preparation.

Apart from that she has her own location for private dining which borders directly on to her professional kitchen. You can also see her work on facebook. The jams that will be served to you as part of your breakfast have been made by Petra mainly with fruit coming from her garden in the Loire area in France.

Petra and her family are no strangers to this neighbourhood: her great grandfather J.G. van Niftrik has been active in putting many finishing touches to the neighbourhood in which we now live.

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